Music Studio — Vocal & Instrumental

Vocal & Instrumental Music Audition

Vocal Music Audition

Applicants should come prepared to sing one song.  The song should be memorized.  Applicants will perform the prepared selection without accompaniment.  Applicants will: (1) sing back melodic patterns and (2) tap back rhythmic patterns.  

Instrumental Music Audition

Applicants will bring their own instruments to the audition.  Students do not need to bring A piano, percussion, tuba, double bass, or harp.  These instruments will be provided at the audition.  Students should bring their own mouth pieces.  Amplifiers also will be provided at the audition for electric instruments.  Applicants will bring one copy of their solo selection.

Applicants will perform the prepared selection without accompaniment.  Applicants will (1) sing back melodic patterns; (2) tap back rhythmic patterns; and (3) demonstrate the ability to sight-read music. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions — Music

Q: What are the examiners looking for?

A: Musicianship, talent, and the ability to learn

Q: What style of music should be performed at the audition?

A:  Students may sing any piece for the audition.  Students who have not selected a song and need assistance may wish to refer to Suggested Vocal Song List. Also, it is recommended that the selection not mimic a popular performer’s style, but rather display originality and technical proficiency.

Q: Can an applicant use an accompanist?

A: No. Students are asked to audition a cappella – without accompaniment.

Q: How long should the musical selection be?

A: As long (or short) as you need to demonstrate your musicality. (Note: The examiners do not always listen to the entire selection.)

Q: Do I audition with other students in the room?

A: No. Only the school’s evaluators and you are in the room.

Q: If I have played in concerts, etc., should I bring or send my press clippings, programs, or Playbills to the audition?

A: No.  You will only be judged by the musicianship you demonstrate at the audition.  We will not be able to accept additional materials.

Q: How long should I have studied music before auditioning?

A: It makes no difference as long as you can display your innate or practiced talent.

Q: How can I audition if I usually play with a group?

A: You may play the part you play in the group to demonstrate your talent.