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Welcome to the LaGuardia Arts Guidance Department.

Shelliann Roach
Assistant Principal, Guidance
Room: 234/206
212-496-0700, ext. 2206
Greetings LaGuardians!  My name is Shelliann Roach and I supervise the Counseling Support Team.  My team consists of  seven (7) Guidance Counselors, a Post Secondary Counselor, a full-time Social Worker,  and an Intervention Specialist (SAPIS).  Students are assigned to a Guidance Counselor based on the student's studio, grade level, and last name place in the alphabet (see table below).   The best way to reach a guidance counselor is via email.  Guidance Counselors will not pick up their phones during a session with another student as a courtesy.  
At this time, most family meetings are being held virtually.  If you would like to request an in-person meeting, please connect with the Guidance Counselor to schedule it.  Please email your Guidance Counselor to set up a meeting or to request a phone conference.

Guidance Counselor Information

Guidance Counselors provide a three prong approach to supporting students, academic, social emotional and post secondary.   Please reach out to the Guidance Counselor with any questions you may have and they will do their best to support.

Fine Arts Counselors E-mail ROOM 12TH 11TH 10TH 9TH
Phil Cohen 321B A-H A--E A-J A-He
Thomas Pappas 321A I-P F-L K-Q Hi-O
Janice Wang 321C Q-Z M-Z R-Z P-Z
Dance Counselor E-mail ROOM All Grades      
Chris Gonzalez 809B A-Z      
Drama Counselor E-mail ROOM All Grades      
Jasmine Jusino G-47 A-Z      
Technical Theater Counselor E-mail ROOM All Grades      
Delfina Leston 323A A-Z      
Music (Instrumental & Vocal) Counselors E-mail ROOM 12TH 11TH 10TH 9TH
Phil Cohen 321B A-B & Sa-Se D-F & S U-Z I
Chris Gonzalez 809B I-J & Sf-Sz G & T-V A-B D-F & T-V
Jasmine Jusino G-47 E-H C-Instr., H-J NONE G-H
Delfina Leston 323A D C-Vocal, W-Z C-G A-C & X-Z
Thomas Pappas 321A T-Z A H & T J & S
Suzette Persaud 323D K-R K-R I-R K-R
Janice Wang 321C C B S W

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Social Worker

Ebony Campbell, DSW, LMSW

Dr. E. Campbell is a Licensed Master Social Worker who has a passion for working with young people, which is why has spent her entire 15 year career in schools. Dr. Campbell works from the strengths perspective when working with students. She firmly believes that helping young people focus on their internal strengths and positive coping strategies will help them build a positive mindset. The strengths perspective helps young people build on their best qualities, find their inherit strengths, and improves their resilience.

Dr. Campbell provides brief individual and group counseling, along with crisis intervention. She also specializes in workshops around racism, sexism, women's empowerment, relationship abuse and prevention, life skills and many more. Dr. Campbell believes in empowering students to stand in their truth and meeting them where they are.

Substance Abuse Prevention & Intervention Specialist

My name is Alex Falk, but you can just call me Alex. I go by he/him pronouns (or anything intended with love and respect) and I am your new SAPIS counselor. My email is

I am very honored and grateful to be joining this community, and to help our young people access the agency to build healthy lives and relationships, and cultivate joy and equanimity. 

The Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention Specialist (SAPIS) supports students through a variety of issues.  The SAPIS provides social-emotional learning workshops and substance prevention education.  An empowerment & leadership program helps students growth and maturity.  Our SAPIS also provides short term, one-to-one services.   Our SAPIS partners with the Department of Health, the Mayor's Office to combat Dating Violence.  Our SAPIS works closely with  the Guidance and Support team. Teachers, staff, students, or family members can submit referrals. Please contact our SAPIS if you need support or resources.

SAPIS offers: 

  • 1-1 Confidential counseling-

To refer a student, simply send me an email and I will follow up with the student

  • Classroom presentations (Topics of lessons include)- 

      • Fentanyl Awareness, Effects of Substance Use (Illicit drugs/prescriptions/Alcohol/Tobacco), Dangers of Vaping, Life Skills (goal setting/decision making/personal responsibility), Digital Citizenship, Safe Dating, Stress Management

  • Positive alternatives to substance use-

    • Mindfulness, Meditation, Music-making, Visual art, Digital Design, Sound baths, Student Zines, Activism, Community Outreach

- My hours are 9-4:30pm 

- I’m located in room 235

- Come say hi!

A little about me:

For the past 6 years I have been the SAPIS counselor at HS560 City-As-School. While at City-As, I co-founded a program called MAD Academy (Music Art Design), where student artists collaborated with creative industry professionals to create community arts projects including the largest mural in NYC, collaborating on a song with DMC of Run DMC, and pressing a vinyl record of all original songs.

I am a certified sound therapy practitioner and mindfulness educator. I believe that simple mindfulness tools and deep listening practices can be accessible, and are a powerful tool for healing and transformation.

I have a BFA in studio composition from SUNY Purchase. I love using my audio engineering, song writing, and production skills to help students access their voice and find purpose through creativity.

Social Worker

LaKeisha Fable, LCSW, School Based Support Team Social Worker 


Ms. Fable is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is a part of the School Based Support Team (SBST). The SBST supports the achievement of students who are struggling academically or behaviorally. The outcome of an SBST meeting is the development of an Individualized Education Plan for Special Education Students. 


Ms. Fable is driven by providing support, resources and skills to students and families in need. Ms. Fable takes pride in providing the best services and support that caters to an individual or group’s needs. Her goals include assisting students and families overcome whatever obstacle(s) or challenge(s) that may arise. In addition to her primary job functions which include participating in the SBST, Ms. Fable also provides short term group and individual counseling.