Dance Studio

Dance Audition

Applicants will wear ballet shoes and fitted black dance attire.  Applicants will participate in two classes:  (1)  ballet and (2) modern. 

Things Every Student Should Know About the Dance Audition

  1. The Dance Audition takes approximately three hours to complete once the audition begins -- not from when the student arrives.
  2. All students are required to bring fitted black dance attire and ballet slippers to the audition. Locker Room facilities will be provided for students to change into their dance attire.
  3. Students will participate in a modified Ballet and Modern Dance class.
  4. If students need to be seen again they will be given a date and time to return to the school at the callback. Students will participate in an additional Ballet and Modern Dance class and will need to prepare a one-minute solo. The solo may be in any style of dance which shows the student off well.  Not all students receive a call back and receiving or not receiving a callback is not an indication of acceptance or rejection from the school.
  5. If a student is asked to be seen again, audio equipment will be provided for the student to perform their solo. Students must have their music on a cell phone or an MP3 player with a headphone jack.