Audition Summary 2019


The audition process for Fall 2020 Auditions will be adjusted due to COVID-19 safety concerns.  We are committed to providing an equitable, safe process.  The adjusted process will have students submit their audition online.  Applicants will not come to LaGuardia Arts for their audition.  The audition will be a modified version of our regular process.  The process will be announced once finalized.

Students may prepare for the audition before the final process is announced.  The adjusted process will include parts of our regular process.  Students should read the Audition Preparation section for each studio.  Some testing items will be eliminated for the Adjusted Audition Process.

LaGuardia Arts Fall 2019 Auditions Summary

Studio About the Four Year Curriculum Audition Preparation Day of the Audition
Dance We are a comprehensive dance program based in ballet and modern.  Students study technique, dance history, choreography, and career management. Applicants should be familiar with the format of both ballet and modern dance class.  Some applicants find it helpful to take open dance classes at dance schools or programs. Applicants will wear ballet shoes and fitted black dance attire.  Applicants will participate in two classes:  (1)  ballet and (2) modern. 
Drama A theater training program based in stage acting.  Students study acting, theater history, voice and diction, theater dance, and career management. Applicants prepare two contrasting one to two minute monologues. These monologues should be memorized and age-appropriate. A list of suggested monologues can be found in the AUDITION section of our website.  Your monologue does not have to be on the list. Applicants will wear attire that allows for free movement.  Applicants may be asked to participate in a group warm-up.  Applicants will perform the two prepared monologues.  Adjudicators may ask applicants to stop their performance prior to the end of the monologue.  Applicants may also be asked to complete a re-direct, an improvisational exercise, or a cold reading.
Fine Arts Our arts program is based in classic fine art training. Students study foundational skills the first two years.  They further their training with art history and studio elective courses.   Applicants prepare a portfolio of 8-15 pieces of original art in a variety of media. The artwork should be from observation, imagination, and memory.  Each piece should be labeled appropriately. Two to three photographs of 3-D work may be included.  Some applicants find it helpful to practice the drawing prompts in 20 minute segments.  Students should review the rubric.

We provide all drawing materials for the audition.  Applicants will have their portfolios scored while they complete the live audition.

Applicants will complete three drawing assignments:  (1) drawing a human figure from observation; (2) drawing a still life from memory; and (3) drawing in color from imagination. 

We are a band and orchestra program and perform a symphonic repertoire. Students study technique, music theory and history, and musicianship skills.   Applicants prepare a solo selection.  The selection can be from any genre or style of music.  and should demonstrate the applicant’s current level of proficiency.  Some applicants practice sight-reading.   They will perform the piece without accompaniment.  Please read the scoring rubric.

Applicants bring their own instruments to the audition.  LaGuardia provides a piano, percussion, tuba, double bass, and harp.  Amplifiers are also provided.  Applicants bring one copy of their solo selection.  Please remember to bring your audition ticket.

Applicants perform the prepared selection without accompaniment.  There are other parts to the audition.  Applicants may be asked to: sing back melodic patterns, tap back rhythmic patterns, sight-read a short selection, and perform scales from memory.

We are a technical theater program based in skills and technique.  Students study carpentry, electrics, costuming, stage management, and design. Students must complete industry production work as part of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Applicants create an original design, 3-D model of a stage setting for one of the following plays:  Dracula, a Play by Steven Dietz (1996), A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, or The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Models are to be the size of a shoebox or larger. The student must be able to carry the model during the audition.   Applicants should review the scoring rubric.
  • Applicants bring their models and discuss their design choices.  
  • Applicants will be asked to replicate multiple-step processes in sound and lighting assembly.
A voice program based in choral repertoire.  Students study healthy vocal technique, music theory, music history, and musicianship skills, alongside performance ensembles. Applicants prepare a song to sing without accompaniment. The selection can be from any genre or style and should demonstrate the applicant’s current level of proficiency.  A list of suggested songs can be found in the AUDITION section of our website.  Your song does not have to be on the list. Applicants will perform the prepared selection without accompaniment.  Applicants will be asked to: (1) sing back melodic patterns; and (2) tap back rhythmic patterns.

Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts
Yeou-Jey Vasconcelos, Interim Acting Principal